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Your Vision. Realized.

What do these high quality videos have in common? They are all different. Unique in taste and style as each of our clients are. What separates us from our competition is our ability to listen to the vision of our client and work creatively to achieve a look and message that is not ours, but theirs.  We are not locked into any cookie cutter templates.  We guide, we advise, but we never deliver a video until it satisfies the vision of our client.

Trailer for "Wicked Spring"
This teaser trailer was one of four produced for the Ardustry Entertainment feature film "Wicked Spring". The film was a Lionheart FilmWorks Production and Directed by Kevin Hershburger. The trailers were edited by Video Horizons Editor Kenton Taylor.

TV Commercial for ICB Boxing
One of a series of 30 second spots for ICB Boxing.  Each spot received a unique look. We also provided video coverage of their press meetings and provided fight footage for promotional use and their web page.

Opening Titles for "Destined For Second"
This is a clip from our feature film length surf video "Destined For Second". This multi award winning film was produced and edited by Video Horizons editor Kenton Taylor and directed by Pat Stublen and Brian Townsend for Beach Video Productions and Stubtown Media.

Promo video for Atlantic Shores Christian School
Design to introduce parents and students to the mission and diverse programs available at Atlantic Shores Christian School. This HD promotional video is featured prominently on the front of the school web page.

Videos on Video Horizons portfolio pages may be reedited to shorten them for demo purposes.

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